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7 Days Folder Setup


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While I was trying to put in a few more mods, I realized that my 7 Days folder has completely changed. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled, and I also verified the integrity through Steam, but it still isn't normal. I'm not sure if the last update changed it or if it's just somehow on my end.


Currently, when I open my 7 Days folder all that is listed is:






If anyone knows why it's like this or how to fix it please let me know.


Edit: Not sure why, but if I open the game directory through Steam itself, it actually shows everything like normal despite my own shortcut to the directory literally being the same. Not sure how this even makes sense but at least I found out how to mod it again.


Edit 2: Okay. Somehow when I downloaded this game it decided to go straight to my SSD which has literally never happened before with any game, ever. lmao. Sorry for the post.

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