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I'd like a little more specialization in crafting.


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Before vendors were introduced into 7 Days to Die we decided to try out a roll playing game where everyone had jobs and the few casino tokens we found were used to purchase items from other players with that job. We had clothing/armor specialists, gun makers, pawn shops, mechanics, doctors, tool makers, hunters, wood cutters, cooks, farmers, etc. We set our own prices and it was probably the most fun we've had with the game.


My idea isn't really a complaint and I'm sure others will hate the ides but, I'd like to see a few things separated out more in the crafting. I went for my usual character the Mechanic/tool maker so I've been dumping points into intellect. Others have been specializing it different areas so as it stands I have the most points in it. This means I'm also the only one that makes guns and armor and tools and vehicles and work benches and chem stations. It seems like all of the jobs that we used to split up are now under only 1 attribute. As the crafting stands adding a new slot in intelligence to separate those out would probably slow down progression but I feel a rework of some sort could be done. I know I could just not craft those and have someone else put their points into intellect but that limits them a bit early game. I don't think we're the only people out there that enjoy the RP aspect so we might not be alone in this. Anyway just posting my thoughts. I respect anyone who doesn't want this and wants a more self sufficient life style. I'm lucky enough to play with a reliable group of people but not everyone is.

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I think they should just leave the perks as special abilities and come up with different systems to do things like this.


Indeed. I kind of miss the system of the more you craft tools or weapon the better you get at making them. I had a friend who would find a corner every night and craft stone axes until she was maxed. Seems more rewarding.

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The problem comes from the fact that Intelligence hosts virtually every crafting recipe in the game. When playing as a group, you have two choices, and both suck :

- split responsibilities, which means everyone has to waste 5-10 points in Intelligence, which sometimes/often is actually more than what you end up spending in the subtree you have the responsibility for (advanced engineering etc)

- assign the crafting responsibility to one guy, which means he's gonna be terrible at all the rest given how many points you need in the intelligence tree to unlock all the content


It gets even worse when you realise that if you don't split responsibilities and thus waste points, one guy is in charge of ALL the tasks : crafting stations, vehicles, meds, tools, cooking etc. Simply because he both is the only one to have the knowledge to craft advanced stuff, AND he's also the only one to craft better than level 1 items.


Intelligence just has too many responsibilities right now. The whole attribute system is great for strength, agility, fortitude etc, because each is already a small scope in itself : melee, range, stamina/health... But intelligence brings so much to the table that it unbalances the whole system.

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My only problem with A17 is that all of the crafting is just dumped into int.


There is plenty of perks that could be moved to and out of int to spread crafting across other attributes.


Since A17 mimics Fallout 4 progression system, we have to remember that in F4 we had crafting spread across the different attributes and int had its own appeal.


You wanted melee weapons and mods, you went str, you wanted ranged weapon mods, you went perception etc.

It could be incorporated into A17, but another perk revamp would be required, so I am not sure if its even a possibility.


Another thing that possibly could be done is connecting some of the int perks to other attributes, so basic int is needed to unlock "base" perk line, but to specialize in that line further, you would need other attributes at specific level. Hammering a steel tool on an anvil isn't something that your skinny nerd could do effectively, some strength would be needed to achieve it.


Int could still affect quality of the item and 1st level of certain perks, but to progress, others would be needed more then the int itself.


All of the crafting and crafting quality being locked behind int just isn't working for me and while it IS possible to play with other attributes, you most certainly lose out the MOST out of not speccing into int yourself, especially when int actually does unlocks new and interesting AND needed stuff, while speccing other perks/attributes higher doesn't really provides you anything meaningful.


Only other attribute worth getting to 10 is strength and only for sex-t-rex and mining perks. Remaining attributes have zero incentive to spec fully up to 10 points and 5/5 any single perk.

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