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Zombie respawning


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Hello to everybody!


Does anybody know how to prevent zombies from respawning again and again at the same POIs?


The only thing I found about it, is remove zombies spawning in advance settings, when starting the game. But in this case, there are no zombies at all. Obviously, it's not fun to play


My wife and i play together, without any other players, so, when we cleared some POI we wish it stay cleared forever. It's just how things should go, from our point of view. For example, there is setting "loot respawn time". We set it to zero and as a result there won't be loot anymore inside cleared POIs. Is there a way to have the same effect with zombies?


Thnx in advance

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Totally agree : the option "no loot respawning" shoud be associated with "no z respawning".

1. It's more immersive

2. It requires fewer resources

3. It gives a final goal (clean the map) while waiting better.


Please, TFP, please, please, please. Pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz.

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Some other ideas releated to this. More option like that:

1) SleeperRespawn (1,3,5,7,never)

2) SleeperSize (few, many, more, even more, nightmare)

3) RoamingZedSize ( few, many..... )

4) RoamingZedRespawn ( 1,3....never)


If u choose to zeds never respawn ( houses, poi,world) it could be an endgame issue to clear the map ( at least in single player)


5) WanderingHordesSize & Respawn

6) 7D Timer ( 7,14,21, 1, 2,3, random ) [edit: qoute madmole : "With the upcoming blood moon optoins (every day,3,7,10,14,30,random, never" ]...thx :D

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There have been discussions about the end game being clearing a town or the whole map.

With this setting tfp wouldn't even have to build a end game.


Also I think it should be default no spawning sleepers or loot. Because that would force players to explore further away from their base.

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Indeed. I am lazy on exploring until i get the motorbike. But the no LOOTrespawn even "is not an option " in multiplayer, cause noone like it. But that would force the players to play as a team ( limit resources ).


And i talk about an easy "selfmade" endgame, i dont know tfp ( personal) . And even in mp ( not pvp ) this could be some real good options

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Well I'm not talking about end-game goal (but why not).


The problem is that zombies spawn from nowhere. So, even if POI has no open doors/windows - zombies will be inside again in a few days. So, it's impossible to leave some "safe" houses for yourself. When you have large map and trying to explore it, it seems to be logical to make kind of safe outposts. Now it's just impossible.


Also, when you return to POI in 1 or 2 days there are still no zombies. It means, that there IS some timer. So, what I'm talking about is disabling this timer. Seems to be not very difficult (for developers).


When you are playing singleplayer or with 1 friend and switch loot spawn off... i think it's very logical option to switch of zombies spawn as well. It should be just an option, if you like it - you use it.


...if there is 1 single sleeper spawned inside cleared house, well, probably it found a way to enter. But there will be 10/20 of them again...



I even tried to look through XML files but didn't find this kind of option. Again: if somebody knows, how to switch zombie spawing - in game-options (i don't believe in it too much) or in XML - you are very welcome to tell us how to do it!






And additionaly it could be a nice option (but more complicated) to allow spawning zombies ONLY in case, when there is clear path between spawning point and radiation zone around the map. So: if you hafe some fence around your place, how zombie can enter it? By air?

If going this way, there could be other game styles like clearing really big areas and make big fences. Also it will mean that zombies won't respawn again in POIs, when POIs have all doors/windows closed.

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