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Mephistopheles Mod v17


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UPDATED 2/10/19 to v17.2b20

Hey guys, I just wanted to share my modded xml files that have made the game more enjoyable for myself and others. Below are the changes which are also documented in the readme text file included. Take a look and decide if these changes might make the game better for you, and feel free to install them after reading the readme file. I'm open to recommendations for other changes, or make them yourselves in your own files as you see fit. If you have any questions or don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask for more info. Enjoy!


Download Here!




To install these changes, simply move these files into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config folder and it will overwrite the existing xml files. Note that this will put your server in the MODDED category, and any further updates or attempts to validate your files will result in these modded files being overwritten with default files again.


Changes Made---



(temperature changes to minimize temperature management)

- changed fog temperature from -5 to -2

- changed rain temp from -10 to -5

- changed snow biome temp from -60 min -30 max to -20 min -5 max

- changed pine forest biome temp from -35 min 15 max to -10 min 5 max

- changed desert biome temp from 20 min 50 max to 5 min 15 max

- changed wasteland biome temp from -30 min 30 max to -5 min 5 max

- changed burnt forest biome temp from 0 min 20 max to 0 min 10 max

- changed diersville city biome temp from -15 min 15 max to -5 min 5 max

- changed gravestown city biome temp from 5 min 15 max to 1 min 5 max

- changed wasteland hub biome temp from 5 min 15 max to 1 min 5 max

- changed animal gore block to appear 4x more often on roads (from 0.0004 to 0.0016)







-changed zombie xp to 550(grunts) 800(strong/tanky/spiders) 1100(ferals and football players) 2000(radiated) 5000 (bosses)

-loot bag drop % changed from 2-3% to 10% for radiated zombies and 5% for non-radiated zombies

-Bears now give 1000xp and Zombie Bears give 2000xp

(balanced xp for those complaining about the toughest foes giving weak xp)






-increased stag spawn probability to .4 (same as boars) from .11

-decreased invisible friendly animal spawns from prob="6" and prob="3" to prob="2"

(more stags and more animals in general)






(beakers much easier to find now)

-increased probability of beakers being found in labEquipment from .35 to .5

-increased prob of beakers in airdropMedicine from .4 to 1

-added .15 probability of finding beakers in lootgroup name ="junk"





-changed experience multiplier from 1.0149 to 1.01

(amount of xp required per level increases slightly less per level)


-changed skill points per level from 1 to 3 and changed attribute/perk costs from 1 to 2, which essentially results in getting 150% more skill points per level (1.5 now as opposed to 1 before)


-changed skill point cost multiplier per level from 1.18 to 1.1

(higher level skills and attributes cost a little less)


-changed hammer and forge level requirements from 10,20,35,70,100 to 5,10,15,25,40


-changed grease monkey level requirements from 25,50,85,120 to 10,20,30,40


-changed advanced engineering level requirements from 25,40,60,80,100 to 10,15,20,30,40





-changed beginner quest skill points from 4 to 10

(skill points cost 2x more now, so this scales up as being given 5 instead of 4 pts compared to before)


-default quest xp values are now much higher than even my modded values before, so they are left as default.


-changed the Stay Within radius on quests from 25m to 60m

(can kite mobs up to 60m from the waypoint now if needed without failing quest)





-corrected typo on line 56 from prop="0.05" to prob="0.05"


-changed prefab rule "skycrapers" to give an equal 0.75 prob to all 4 skycrapers

-changed mincount of skyscrapers in downtown group from 2 to 5

-added skyscraper min/max of 1/2 in commercialGroup

-changed skyscraper min/max in industrialGroup to 2/4

(more skyscrapers)


-changed maxcount of crop_Feilds(sic, this typo is everywhere and I left it unchanged) in ruralGroup from 2 to 6.

-changed barns max count in ruralGroup from 2 to 4

(more crops and barns)


-changed oldwest_bldgs max count in ruralGroup from 2 to 8

(more old west buildings instead of empty lots)


-changed all settlement_trader min/max in wildernessGroup from 1/1 to 2/4

(more traders, better chance of finding two traders within 1km or even 500m of each other)


-lowered probability of cell towers in junkyard from .19 to .08

(no more cities with 15 cell towers right next to each other)


- changed the following biome prevalence values in vanillaMedium from

pine_forest-25% snow-25% wasteland-15% burnt forest-10% desert-25%




pine_forest-60% snow-15% wasteland-2% burnt forest-8% desert-15%


- changed the biome prevalence values in vanillaSmall to match new vanillaMedium values


- base_height="32" water_level="38" is now base_height="80" water_level="88"

(ground height is now around 50m further from bedrock, bedrock still at 3m)





-changed <traders buy_markup="2" sell_markdown="0.2" to

<traders buy_markup="1.8" sell_markdown="0.3"

(better economy)


-changed rareMedicine count from 1 to 3

-changed medicine count from 1 to 3

-added beaker to medicine group

(beakers available at traders more often)






-changed vehicle velocities to the following values,

note that having the same X,X values means that pressing the

"turbo" button is no longer necessary


Gyrocopter from 7,10 to 18,18

Joke Blimp from 18,26 to 30,30

Bicycle from 5,10 to 12,12

Minibike from 7,10 to 14,14

Motorcycle from 9,14 to 18,18

4x4 from 9,13 to 18,18


-doubled all engine torque values to help get up steep slopes




Download Here!




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Really nice work here, thanks.


Thank you very much! I'm really enjoying the new progression pace and hope that others are as well. My last release was giving 2 points per level, whereas this version is essentially 1.5 points per level and it feels a lot more natural and fair. I can't wait for better RWG, it's the only really glaring issue that I can't do anything about.

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Can I donate directly and get the file or do I have to signup and pay thru that website?


The free hosting has expired, do not pay, you should never pay to use mods other than do donations if you would like to support the mods.


The OP needs to fix his link to get this working again.

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The free hosting has expired, do not pay, you should never pay to use mods other than do donations if you would like to support the mods.


The OP needs to fix his link to get this working again.


Agreed, I'd really like to test the RWG changes.

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