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Game Lighting,I need help


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Hello my name is Leonardo, I started a little time in the game.


I do not know if this is the correct channel for my doubt.


The question is: How to activate the lighting of POI items.



Below are some screenshots:





Basically what I want to do is activate the lights of items 1977 (Fluorescent light); 1978 (Street light); 1980 (Industrial light); 1995 (work light) and 1968 (Iron outdoor).


Sorry if it's the wrong channel.


English translated via google translator.


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In Alpha 16, I could turn these lights on using the Prefab Editor. Then I could simply look at a light and press 'E' to turn the light on or off.


Not at home to look at the mod, but I downloaded one from the mod section that allows me to turn lights on/off at will. Think it was a dll edit however.

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