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This game will never have tornados.


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======== THE LIMITS OF TECHNOLOGY =========


Because the engine could not handle it, at least with today's hardware.

Nor windstorms that blow trees and structures over *does damage over time*

Nor fire that spreads (would really hurt performance just like the simulated water did when they tried that)

Nor earthquakes that split the ground and topple structures.



Let's face it. Just 1 apartment building collapsing brings this game to a crawl and it takes FOREVER for every piece to eventually fall. So while wind speed is listed on the map page- it will never give us ENVIRONMENTAL survival like a lot of us would love to see.

And we can't have huge hordes either. My gosh the stutter when even 20 of them are around...

I love this game, but it IS limited in what it can do, and that's understandable doing this whole voxel thing.


The pimps need to play more to their strengths on this project. Understand the limits of current technology, and play the best hand you can, cause it's still the best sandbox on the market in 2019.








If you think the game is nearly feature complete... I would find that unfortunate. There is sooooo much that can be done here without impacting performance too badly (okay maybe a few ideas here would =z)



-New tiers of danger

-Many new monsters

-More world events, not just bloodmoons.

-Ever more monster danger mechanics

-Shields and blocking mechanic, change power attacks to just be left mouse held to charge- release when ready to swing.


-Many new biomes (swamps, tropical, grasslands, canyons, salt flats, nuke craters, underwater biomes)

-New tiers of ores, to make new tiers of tools, weapons.

-Put rare ores deep in the earth- AND very rarely as boulders up top.

-Meteorite showers on some nights that can place new boulders on the surface.

-Need higher tiers of pickaxe to mine the higher tiers of ores.





-New NPCs like wasteland surgeon

-Reworked medical system (stitches, more diseases, surgery, variable bleed speeds, disinfectant, rarer meds, nerf perks)

-Disinfectant for wounds

-New resources, new crafts, more uses for chem station.





-New skills like fishing (great way to get junk to scrap- and rarely some food)

-Rework farming too matter but not become OP. Rare seeds, hungry vultures, food more rare.

-Rework crops- disease, long grow times, rare bonus seed on harvest.

-Nerf wilderness so less food is out there

-Merchants should sell more seeds, and be expensive- protect your farms yo!

-Rethink hunting- traps would be nice. Again food does need to be rare.

-Animal management. Raising chickens, wolves, pigs, VERY LONG GROW TIME! and risk of infection killing the whole herd heheh, better have drugs!

-too many feathers- how about an arrow turrent?



-Options to make the player hunger much faster (but with a larger gas tank please). IMO that's all the perk should do- is just give you a larger stomach, not make each piece of food worth more hunger points.






-Make roads actually look like roads. More straight super highways going from town to town, with off-ramps, an rest-stops.

-Billboards, powerlines, center dividers, ditches.

-Sewers pois (doesn't have to go under the whole town- for performance)

-Wilderness bearcaves and wolf dens, can you find the fabled manbearpig?


-Haunted nights, I swore I seen a ghost!? GET ME OUT OF THIS MINE NOW!

-More gore and blood, longer lingering bodies and parts, that stay in ragdolls longer. (can be shorter at times when performance calls for it such as bloodmoons.)


-Make loot rarer, make dukes harder to earn- nerf lucky looter a good deal.

-Nerf Better barter- it seems broken. You earn vastly more just going to lvl 3 in it- intended?

-NERF QUESTS! Player can only do one a week, perks can bring this up to 3 quests a week.


-Go back to learning by doing- make it harder then it was in a16. (I do like the new lvling system, but old one can be the better of the 2 systems imo- if you just rework it)


-Options to change xp gain.




So that's ZOMBO's big ass 7day checklist for 2019. Make it happen, or don't, still a great game. At the very least, keep up the good work! If the game stopped dev 3 years ago- woulda still called this a great game. I am amazed to see what all has been accomplished by the pimps. The most bad ass dev team on the indy market in my opinion.


And remember folks...




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======== THE LIMITS OF TECHNOLOGY =========


Nor fire that spreads (would really hurt performance just like the simulated water did when they tried that)


Actually a few Alphas ago it now was, some extraordinarily talented modder made a fire-mod. And it spread.


Check out HAL9000's video here:


Props to HAL. :-)

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The game should play more the regionality.

Such that certain areas are way more dangerous than other ones.


For example: less danger in rual and smalltown areas.


Way more dangerous zombies (and bloodmoons) in large cities. (like in the walking dead where they avoided the cities) More ferals on the streets..

But also much better loot and harder POIs there.


The player would first avoid getting near a city and have to build up to advance going into a town for looting.


Also remote "dense forest" regions could be more dangerous. (Where the foilage is denser, and there is some darker greenish fog around).


There could also be one large walking horde on the map. That is similarily dangerous as horde night.

The player would have to avoid the area they are currently in.

With the horde "spawnpoint" slowly moving around the map.

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