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Trader Jen is more of a man than you.


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not only does she live in the middle of the wasteland all by her lonesome, but she has more bass in her voice than most grown men. she has trader hugh's voice lol


also, she was a PAIN to find. shes south of the SGM factory off a nuked road that is pretty much SO well hidden, i accidentally found her while exploring

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Trader Jen is really Trader Jenner.

Saw someone on Facebook asking when 'trader Jenner was going to complete her transformation'

Nearly wet myself.


I hope they eventually change the voice for Trader Hugh and leave Trader Jen the way she is. :)

That would be a hoot. Are any of the traders still insulting? I haven't come across any grumpy ones like we had in A16. I used to love their snarky comments.

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