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Bug or Feature: shared q in 2 man grp - q item is gone for the q shared member


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I play with my husband. He shared me a quest - we both done the q - got the q- item.


It was about 6 pm and the way to handle in the q to the trader was too far away so we decided to go to our base.


We get hungry in RL so I (i hosted the game and get shared the q from my husband) quitted the game so we can after eating in RL and waitung for the night over to go to trader tp handle in the q.


When i logged on - my q was abandoned, my Q-Item was gone. Q was in the q List and the q item was not fullfilled.


My husband logged on - he had his q- item a the q sharer and go to trader and could get the reward.



It is not feeling right when playing together in with a grp mate and q sharing is not really an option when q- item dissapears after quitting game.


I hope this will change in the final version of the game as its really annoying when this Bug or Feature exists...


We want to play together - and make q together - and dont want to be forced to stay ingame when we must make a break for RL action.

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