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Question about adding items to an existing lootgroup


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I created a couple new seeds to add more mutant crops, everything works but now I want to add how they will be introduced into the game without using a workaround recipe just to add them.


Here is the existing lootgroup


<lootgroup name="seeds">

<item name="plantedPotato1"/>

<item name="plantedCoffee1"/>

<item name="plantedCorn1"/>

<item name="plantedBlueberry1"/>

<item name="plantedCotton1" prob="0.5"/>

<item name="plantedGoldenrod1"/>

<item name="plantedAloe1"/>

<item name="plantedMushroom1"/>

<item name="plantedYucca1"/>

<item name="plantedChrysanthemum1" prob="0.5"/>

<item name="treePlantedMountainPine1m" prob="0.3"/>

<item name="treePlantedWinterPine1m" prob="0.3"/>



I am trying to figure out how I can add two more items to the group about. Would this work as far as an xpath command. superfood is the name of my mod. Helps me stay organized.



<insertafter xpath="/loot/lootgroup[@name=seeds]>

<item name="Super Potato (Seed)"/>

<item name="Super Mushroom (Seed)"/>





any and all help is appreciated.

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Hi. If you check out items.xml, you'll see that each crop has different growth stages which translates to different item names for the same crop.


You'll have to create this progression by appending items.xml with your new seeds, growth stages and harvestable crop before you can add them to the loot group. Or, minimally without functional seeds, you can add just the first stage item (which would be the seed): SuperPotato1


This should get you started in the right direction.

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