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Zombie PoI Sleepers difficulty needs correction. Please address.


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What happens now: Difficulty of Sleepers is based on the DAY number on the server.


What it needs to be: Difficulty of Sleepers is based on the AGE of the APPROACHING PLAYER.



I cannot play on any servers which have not 'just' started on day 1 because of the way they spawn VS what you have and what level you are.


Example 1: Tried to join a game with my friends, it was day 29. I try entering a house after doing the tutorial missions, 6 dogs come out and destroy me. Maybe just bad luck, so i go into another PoI (a small bar), i shoot an arrow at a sleepers head then 3 Feral cowboy looking zombies come out and destroy me. I found it impossible to play because i didnt have the right level to be in anyway effective. I wasn't having any fun so i quit.


Example 2: I joined a populated public server, it was day 241. No zombies spawn because hey, its a zombiless game on populated servers (sorry had to mention that peeve of mine) anyway, because it is day 241, any house i try to enter, constantly spawns Sleepers which new players will find impossible to beat. I entered my first house and 3 radiated ferals come out and destroy me. I had no way to defend myself but the tutorial club and bow. I couldnt continue because i couldnt kill the zombies or outrun them with barely any stamina. Had to quit the server, turns out i couldnt play at all unless i started from day 1 with the server, and stayed online 24/7.


Summary of the problem:

Sleepers do not take into account the Age of the player, only the Day on the server, which causes anybody joining the game late, to be unable to play a fair game.

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