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A17 and the balance of drop toolbelt on death by explosion


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If you step on a mine, a cave collapses on you, or you accidentally chop an oil barrel (like the ones hidden behind some boxes in that one military camp POI. Ugh...), there might not be a backpack to recover.


Losing your tool belt used to be a pretty cheap penalty. It was easy to replace all your tools. The only real loss would be quality gun parts, which couldn't be crafted and could be hard to find. But I would usually have a few spare guns lying around, just of slightly lower quality.


But now... Mods and schematics are very rare drops. You could easily lose months worth of mods if your tools and weapons get destroyed! It's gonna take ages to get back to the same level.


Not a complaint, just something to be aware of, for those who play with drop toolbelt on death.

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