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Fireworks factory\stores\gunpowder in gunshops


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I'd like to see a way to get nice amounts of gunpowder as loot from some gunshops.

Gunpowder from fireworks factories (along with fireworks which are for fun but can also lure zombies away from base or TO your base should you want more action.

Munitions factories with lots of gunpowder (more then any other locations maybe and also has lots of bullet cases?)

Gunpowder from scrapping fireworks.

And also firework shops.


New loot container- Powder keg.



And make the larger poi's such as munitions factories EXTREMELY well guarded-. Using firearms recklessly here can also cause the whole place to go up in fantastic displays of carnage.


And for the love of fireworks if you add these to the game, please don't be like ark and almost every other game that has fireworks- they do a really bad job on the sound and are often way too quiet with no realistic sound delay.




Fireworks should also set trees and stuff on fire- but you'll probably never get fire into your game with this engine so I'm dreaming too much there perhaps. :crushed:

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Yeah, Fireworks PoI makes a lot of sense. Used to have 'em around where I live though sadly got shut down since new laws came in.


Could be called ZomBoom or whatever, and there's Gunpowder inside in some boxes and stuff.


Fireworks though should be as rare as the Mega Crush item, and when used it'd spawn a Screamer or a horde which come to the location. Would be pretty neat.


Or at least put some boxes in the Shotgun Messiah factory that have Gunpowder in it.. since.. that'd make sense too. :f

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I wouldn't want them to be rare, but each one only scraps for a little gunpowder. Lots of fires already summon mobs- so making it rare for that purpose wouldn't be ideal. And they are fun to use, so making it rare would not be as fun imo.


In my loot 50% game on the 17.1 I have yet to find a single megacrush even from merchants or vendies. I am lvl 70ish now too.




ZomBoom is good. But I think the best name for this game might be--


SCREAMER FIREWORKS teehee... Get it? Cause it will cause screamers, and the fireworks themselves really SCREAM! It can even have a logo on the fireworks that looks like the screamer zombie. That would be hilarious.


- - - Updated - - -


Yeah, we need more emergency situations! Maybe floods to fill up our sub-levels and have to make a pump to drain it out. :tickled_pink:


I would love that- and the game used to do just that for a brief time I think in alpha 13? or 14? Sadly it caused mega fps drops, so the pimps had to nerf it pretty hard. Now it just does waterfall type of fills only similar to what minecraft does only not even as good as that.

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