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im still making a lot of changes on them and adjustments, got 2 sets done. boe and arlene. thats 4 regular skins + 1 feral + 1 rad for each zed.


now, as i commented before from the 10 new models tfp originaly released only 5 models work for now. (and i havent checked the 2 new ones in the latest drop)

so for now i will drop only the 5 zeds that work fine with those variations 4 - 1 - 1 for each model.


once that is done i will release and then get to work on making the other 5 models to work also.


now i know you people get inpatient but have in mind we have to make a lot of fixes and find out a lot of stuff every time tfp break something.... i mean "change" something lol. just kidding. but really, this is a ton of work, i had to extract all the new models, isoalte hundreds of texture parts like tshirt from skin, shoe, hair, eyes, etc. then re texture them, then get them to unity and re assamble them, then export, then open the game 10k times to check every change and issues.... and even when sometimes dosnt look like, we modders are people too, kids, work, life, and we are doing all this crap for free on spare time.


im not complaining, just trying to get you to understand the process, i dont really know when it will be done because i dont know how much time i can spend each day making this, its never a regular amount of hrs, variates.


so... basically... when its done. lol




there... some fine tunning from today, rad and feral. little adjustments.


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@Mumpfy really love you're skin mods is there a link to where we could donate somethink enough for a coffee or of equal value i just think you're work is under appreciated if we can't give somethink back for you're hard work..also if i may ask are you able to do somethink similer to the traders ( not trader jen but the other traders)...thanks for you're work it has not gone un-noticed  👍

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thanks, i dont do free stuff for money tho, i know some modders friends accept donations but honestly they spend that money and a lot more even in assets they buy. i dont buy any assets is just time i invest in this and i do it because i like to do it. so again, apriciated but no need mate.


i have never looked into the traders really, i think i used some traders models or parts to mix them up in blender for some early xyths NPCs but im not sure if this same method of reskin would work on them, i mean it dosnt even work atm on all the new HD zeds so lol. may look into it at some point tho.


and there is no way in life you could cover my coffee bill lol, thats huge. 😛


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2 hours ago, Mumpfy said:


I just placed this on the top of the first page, it has been tested and should work just fine. good luck. have fun.


Thanks Mumpfy

Your work and effort are greatly appreciated.

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thanks, well the others need actually more work, they dont take the skin the same way and it will take a ton of extra steps and more work to make them, so im asking some creature pack modders for help on that.


It is really just a small stupid difference they have, to work or dont, but that small difference makes that now we have to do a lot of extra work to make them take the new skin and the others zeds bundle will be a lot more heavy in MB because of the way we have to make them.


but we found no way around it unless some PIMPS get mercy on us and throw us a bone.

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I added another link in the fromt page, this completes more zeds as described there. you add this as a separated mod, so no need to replace things.

now this zeds were made in a different way, had to be re assambled entirely in order to make them work, not just the skin as ussual, the entire model was extracted, re assambled in unity which is a ton of amazing work and it was all made by XYTH our lord and savior. just to make clear that without his intervention this zeds were not able to be re textured as i usually do.


this was tested and works fine so far.













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another great release. thanks mumpfy. can't wait to see how you colorize the new zombie stripper. 😁


btw, the ragdoll effects on this 2nd pack of zeds seem more floppy on the joints than your previous pack and vanilla zeds. is there an xml attribute i can tweak to tighten that up or no? some of the final ragdoll positions are hilarious to watch and some are painful too lol.

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That's likely my issue not Mumpfys.  When I made the ragdolls on all these I used 120 as the mass value for all of them and that doesn't match the xml mass property.  I should have used the TFP default mass values in the xml for a perfect clone.  Try editing the xml to use 120 mass on the 2nd pack characters.  Also, try editing the physicbodies property on the pack2 skinny females (not fatmama) to use zombieStandardFemale rather than zombieStandard.  If that helps let M know so he can update the xml.


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Well yeah. As Xyth pointed it's all his fault. Lol


Just kidding. So he was the one making all that amazing work cloning the vanilla zeds because they were not taking the skin replacement as default ones. So you can try what he just said because that is for sure not my field.


I'll be honest with you I was just venting away that I'm a bit concerned this mod is not really been used a lot. So really considering atm if all the work is worthy or not . I will most likely NOT fix this issue now. If I decide to make more skins at some point for the other new models then I'll try to sort it out probably but I doubt that will be soon. 


Anyway thanks for the feedback and let me know if what X said made it better to keep it in mind.

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