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I just added a new link, its a small set of "medieval" looking zeds i did for another project but someone may like to use them also in the regular game idk, anyway its there, in the first page, about 14 new zombies maybe cant recall.


I have only done the entityclasses xml so they can only be spawned using the menu, if someone makes the entity groups then they sould work fine as the other packs, they are additions, not replacements and they should work fine also with the other packs togheter.

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13 hours ago, Mumpfy said:



working on variations for the hd versions, planning to redo the rad material also since i dont like it at all. eventually will upload more images until i got it ready to release.


Your textures have been the backbone of our tier 2,3,4 zombies for a long while now so im going to request permission now for these in RH. They look so amazing

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well they quite dont work yet, the new models have many differences and present issues, i got all the skins re made but trying to solve the problems. so will take some time and probably some help from fellow modders to work it out.

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