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Dear Diary: B240 Start on Default without traders

Royal Deluxe

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My garden grows, but sadly its still a long way until i have a decent Food supply



I spend most time of day 5+6 and 7 by searching and Hunting for food.

Let me say it so, i survived, but i found literally ZERO animals, and it was not s that i didnt searched enough or decent.

Only luck i had was the Wulf on one of the Doggo roofes



Btw found a Popn Pills, yay, maybe i get Chemistry station, well at least i have some hope ^^



So the time is fast gone and the 7th night has come

My defense position



Works GREAT as 90% melee defense



Sadly i was too stupid, i hit the wrong button and so one of my macros throw me down from the roof. I fixed that by activating DM and flymode and saved so my life. But dependent how strict we see it, well.... Death is Death

(Dont want to start B240 again with the Vanilla "world covered with glue issue")

I will see tomorrow if i keep playing (17.1 can be in experimental any time.)

But as tip, prepare a way to enter your base again if you fall down^^



Ohhh download, 17.1 ???


It is 17.1 Experimental

OK then here a few last pictures and then i guess i make the same on the same seed in 17.1

Except that i dont delete the traders, instead i move to the same startposition and play the first 7 days without trader


> [img]

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