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Interior (exterior) decorating?

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The girlfriend and I have been dressing up the base a bit. In this version, it's a house (it's almost always some sort of house), that, over time, gets alterations. Wood walls turn steel (miss the stainless steel from A16) (but don't miss the steel polish needed to make it), doors get added, deleted, a basement or an escape tunnel, garage, whatever.


What we'd like to see, and I'm sure we're not the only ones, would be additional textures added to the paintbrush. More solid colors, for instance. Other wood and flooring types. We all know it's well into the zombie apocalypse but surely somewhere there's a house that went relatively unscathed and the fridge doesn't look like Indiana Jones took it for a ride in a nuclear detonation?


So basically, can we get new textures added to the paintbrush menu? If that can be a mod, could someone explain how? I have zero coding experience; I'm not above learning but it's hard to do not having any sort of basic knowledge beyond...well...BASIC. Last time I attempted code was BASIC on a TI-99/4A. (which dates me badly).


And if this request shouldn't be here, I apologise and have no problems seeing it moved, seeing it deleted, or being asked to move or delete it.


Thanks all.

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