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Trader Tool And Die Set


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This modlet adds a chance for the tool and die set to appear in the traders secret stash, on perks 4 and 5. The idea is that RNG can mean you don't get this item, and as you get to a higher level, it's difficult to get enough ammo for POI's and horde night unless you can start crafting your own, especially as POI's can end up using more ammo than you end up getting from them as rewards.


The tool and die set already has a probability of appearing in the tools section of their normal stash, however in my current game this hasn't appeared once despite visiting the trader every 3 days for one. So this adds another chance for those with high enough skill in barter to get one, it's still not guaranteed, but from my experience you should be able to start producing ammo by the time the fun pimps seem to want you to be able to by using this modlet to help.


For such an essential item by mid to late game, imho this should be in the default game, and see no reason for it not to be in the traders secret stash at a high level.



Trader Tool And Die Set.zip

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