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[Help] onSelfItemCrafted with tags

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Experimenting with crafted items (recipe's) triggered_effect without success.


Hoping that someone else has either already done it or can figure it out. Not sure it even works as I see no examples of it in the vanilla XML's and it also is suffixed by the comment of //Hook Up (which is not explained)


Here is my attempt to make it work


<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfItemCrafted" target="self" tags="learnable" action="LogMessage" message="Learnable item crafted"/>


There are items in the recipes.xml that contain the tag "learnable". These are the items I'm trying to target specifically. I'm also hoping at some point I can append my own tags to be more precise in my triggered_effect tags.


Thank you.

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Still unable to solve this. Been doing other things to come back to this part of my mods at a later time, which I now have.


I've even tried a triggerd_effect with just onSelfItemCrafted and no tags, which doesn't seem to trigger at all when I craft anything.


Also, does anyone know why some things are marked as "Hook Up" and/or what it means?


onSelfItemCrafted, //Hook Up

onSelfItemRepaired, //Hook Up

onSelfItemLooted, //Hook Up

onSelfItemLost, //Hook Up

onSelfItemGained, //Hook Up

onSelfItemSold, //Hook Up

onSelfItemBought, //Hook Up

//onSelfDiscoveredPOI, //Hook Up

//onSelfDiscoveredArea, //Hook Up

//onSelfEnteredPOI, //Hook Up

//onSelfExitedPOI, //Hook Up

//onSelfEnteredArea, //Hook Up

//onSelfExitedArea, //Hook Up


Also, the ones that are //commented out, are they not yet used at all?

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Hi, for some reason, in Ravenherst, on the farming quest, I cannot build the butcher table, I should tho, it is the next step in the quest but I get you do not know the required recipe, so I removed 'learnable' in the recipe file, but that sent the game into spasms, then CTD, I put it back but still can't learn the recipe... is there a way to move past this?

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