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Zombie Spawn in Occupied Building


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I remember from a couple of builds back that there was a way to keep zombies from re-spawning in an occupied building. At issue is that I have occupied the pawn shop in Navezgane (one of them anyhow). All was well until the 7th Day when I was suddenly swarmed from behind. The building had re-spawned all the zombies I had cleared out of it. What can I do to prevent this? I thought it used to be the placement of torches, but that didn't seem to work in this case.

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- Bedroll will give you a save area for your "Home."


- LCB [Land Claim Block] does the same thing.


Used to be you could have multiple LCB's but you can't anymore.


If you want outposts, better to build them from scratch.

Then you don't have to worry about spawns.

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