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[Fixed] Fortitude Achievements not unlocking


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I don't know what I'm doing wrong but the fortitude achievements are not unlocking for me! Any thoughts or suggestions?


I have tried on multi and single player. I even started a new game because it was "reach wellness xxx" then it changed recently to "fortitude" I am Lvl50 and highest on one single player game. Started a new one as stated just now and I'm at lvl6 fortitude. NO CHEATS!


I did this on multi as well, I'm at 8 Fortitude, again no cheating. Maybe it's the difficulty? Does that matter?


What am I doing wrong? Does it mean to do something else?




Any and all feedback is appreciated



Now that I think about it is most likely difficultly and me trying to take the easier way out, I think at least.



This was also meant to be put in PC, not Console. My mistake.

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