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RWG not Random?


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Playing around with Random world generation in the experimental builds, I realized that the worlds using a seed are not all that random. Every new RNG map with a new seed shows one of 12 different generation names. Using a different seed but showing a preexisting generation name shows the seed as already made.


In exploring the data files, in the folder \7 Days To Die\Data\Worlds there is a list of folders with the 12 different generation name maps. With in each folder there are 3 .png files, radiation, splat and biomes. Radiation is just the radioactive area at the map border, but Splat shows the roads for the map. Biomes show the color coded biomes map.


So instead of getting a large variety of map layouts, it seems we are getting only one of 12 pre-generated map layouts.


Because of these pre-generated maps, seed generation seems pointless at the time being and I hope these are placeholders during the current round of experimental builds.


On another note, none of these maps have the larger cities or the tower dungeon type building we saw in A16 or in the current Navezgane map. I hope these return as well. I am aware this issue has been reported to the devs.

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