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Expanded build list


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Ive been playing the Alpha 17 for a while and would like to throw out my opinion on some stuff for crafting, to make use of normally unused items in crafting, and some for base building.


4x4 and Bikes


1. Radiator- If your using an engine probably need one of these in the truck.


2. Air Filter- Good for all those trips to the wastelands on the gravel road.


3. Hub caps- Everybody likes a bit of bling.


4. Springs- Going to be a bumpy ride otherwise.


Iron Double Doors or Blast Steel Doors


I'm sure I'm not the only one but would it be possible to upgrade these to steel, Zombies tend to tear through them like hot butter. Even is it requires power to operate have a door that was like an upgraded version of a drawbridge/Vault door that could be turned sideways or placed vertically to open and close like a door or garage door and heavy would be sweet, maybe make it self contained with an engine or generator bank, battery and fuel, and oil for the "hydraulics" Maybe use brass for fitting, some steel for the pistons for operating, plastics and oil and some steel for Hoses. This would make use of the 25 engines and 400 cans of oil I have just lying around.


Just my 2 cents but Devs regardless, keep up the good work, and thank you for making an incredibly fun game, with lots of crafting and tunneling.

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