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mguGardening - prevent accidental pickup of growing plants while harvesting crops


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A small modlet with a simple task, to prevent accidentally destroying and picking up seeds/growing plants while harvesting your fully grown crops.




This modlet has been tested with all vanilla crops (trees remain un-touched) on an existing world with a farm.


Trees and natural/POI plants are unaffected by this modlet.

Mods that add new growable crops would be unaffected by this modlet, in that you could still punch the growing seed/plant to insta-pickup.



To accomplish this work-around, you must now use the Iron Hoe if you wish to dig up and re-plant a seed, but harvesting a fully grown plant works as usual by punching it. If you punch a seed or growing plant, you will notice that the plant now has 10hp instead of 1, preventing the instant destroy and pickup of the seed.


I had to create some new materials which get assigned to the stage1/stage2 of each plant, and then giving damage buffs to the garden hoe for the new materials, and a damage buff to meleeHandPlayer on the materials used for stage 3 harvestable plants by changing their damage_category to "plant" (which is un-used by the vanilla XML files)



If you do punch and damage a growing plant, once it has fully grown and been harvested, it has full health again once picked, so no need to worry about still eventually killing and picking up the seeds, just remember to use the Hoe on them if you actually wish to unplant the seed without having to punch it 5+ times


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