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A17 Progression Problems


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Hey all,


Overall I've been enjoying the new patch quite a bit. Had a few scares from the new AI and those POI are crazy (and fun).


One thing I've seem to notice though is the progression doesn't seems to be flesh out too well. These level gates are just an artificial way to stop progression but once you pass them, it just feels like the flood gates open and BAM you got everything.


Here are some things I think will help with progression for future patches and a way to rid ourselfs of level gates




Since my wife and I have been playing (A14 I think?), not many new items have been added. This was done purposely due to the game constantly in flux. Now with the game getting closer to gold, I think they need to sit and focus on the actual path they want progression to go. Right now for tools, the progression is




That is only 3 possible upgrades from where you start from! That is good for testing but at this point I think the game needs more as it currently feels like bare bones. More tiers means more loot possibilities and progression. It also can be a lure for people to go into the bigger/harder buildings or even quest rewards to get these items.

Why not have a Tier like:




Having those tools at the higher levels harder to repair for lower levels can be a great way to let people get "Lucky". They may find a high end tool at the start but have a limited use before they break it without a way to repair it. Also this helps with people feeling slight progression as they play and loot rather then the big jumps we got now.




Currently if you find a tier 6 item then well......GG you're done for that item as it won't get any better. I know mods will increase the stats of it but the surprise of getting a T6 item is kinda lost in this build since that T1 you found earlier is basically the same. What I'd suggest is this. Have a Duel system. Tier is shown from the color and controls base damage/durability of the item. Grade is shown by the number and represents the amount of mods on it. This means I can find a Tier Grey 4 item. This lets items truly get specialized into the weapon the player wants rather then just sticking everything to it to get the damage boost. (FYI took me a solid week to realize that dye increases damage to my bow. Not very intuitive at all in my experience.)


Upgrading Crafting Blocks


I think an awesome feature to add is the ability to upgrade blocks like the forge and work benches. For example upgrading the forge requires you to have all three items in the forge (Anvil, crucible, Tool kit) equipped plus X resources on you. Once upgraded, new recipes unlock and forge turns into a blacksmith bench(whatever you wanna call it). Each upgrade can also improve the burn/smelting speeds of items and adds another slot to smelt stuff. Each crafting block can be upgraded X amount of times each with unique items you have to find/quest/craft to get and adds another element to the base building game.




I'd love to see cloths have the ability to increase your carrying capacity. Higher Tier cloths will allow 1 or 2 more items players can carry without being encumbered. This can help people in the early game to actually want to find better cloths. Currently the only reason to even wear any cloths is only for weather. Adding small amounts of inventory slots can add another layer of gameplay to cloths rather then just finding the highest weather resist cloths (Looking at you BDU).




The game needs more items and upgrades then what it has now otherwise balance and progression will always feel a bit wacky


These were just my thoughts on how we can improve from A17 foundation into a better/funner game. Let me know what you all think.



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I don't think the game needs more tiers of items. The real issue right now is that progression is nonexistent until you have enough mods to modify your weapons, which doesn't happen soon enough. Early game, it doesn't really matter if you have level 1 or level 3-4 quality tools, as you probably don't have enough mods to even fill one slot on every tool anyways.

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