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Experience Gain and Skill Points in Single player.


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Im not exactly shure I should start a new Threat about it, but I think it is a general ?Isue?.

That’s the reason I dint app it to the A17 Stable FAQ https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?101443-A17-Stable-FAQ/page3

Iff I missed something out, please point me to it.


As single player already states, you play alone and therefore have to put points into more skills than in Multiplayer.

The first Problem is:

I have to do all the crafting by myself, and Crafting gives not much exp.

I personal think that is a good setting for multiplayer, where you can split the work.

So there is more time to have fun and raid stuff.

Second Problem:

Skill Points per experience/level.

I personally skilled all the way through “pack mule”(?), fore the reason to not get slowed down and get home before night. (Yes I know I am a greedy b****)

It need to hit level 40 to get my first Crafting stuff (Workbench, band-aid and so on).


I guess, more Skill points per Level would do the trick.

But then you would need a separate singe player “Player Profile”


I did not play during Alpha 16, so maybe I missed something out.

Is there may be a way to alter the experience/skill gain for single player

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You can edit some xml files, or you can simply just allow cheats and in game press F1 and write giveselfxp and type how much exp you want.


Word of warning tho, there are 300 levels in the game and even at that level you will be missing +- 5 skills because you will run out of points. Unless you can get the points elsewhere, you need to plan ahead.

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