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Request: Quest Distances

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Looking to add distances to the quests to limit how far they go out. The problem is the map type that I play on with some friends is rather large (Should just make it smaller, but don't want to start over) and the vendor will sometimes give out quests that are 5-6km away. We are getting to a point where that isn't a huge deal because we're getting minibikes and all that, but still it's annoying to see all quests 5-6km away.


I tried modifying the quests file myself and adding a distance line under the objective type to see if that would do it and it wouldn't work. I'm using Tier1_Clear as an example in this.


<objective type="RandomPOIGoto">

<property name="distance" value="200-2000" />

<property name="phase" value="1" />



But it just seems to throw errors. not sure what I am doing wrong, or if I tagged it wrong or I have it in the wrong spot, or this doesn't work at all. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.



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