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Larger Fuel Tanks


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I first did this mod for 16.4 a while ago and updated the mod to work with Alpha 17. After talking to a friend, I decided to make this a Modlet so people didn't have to hardcode it like my original tutorials have you do.


Hard coding tutorial for installing this mod originally:



This Modlet increases the fuel capacity of the following:

  1. Auger - 125% increase
  2. Chainsaw - 100% increase
  3. Generator - 100% increase
  4. Minibike - 500% increase
  5. Motorcycle - 66.67% increase
  6. Gyrocopter - 400% increase
  7. 4x4 Truck - 37.5% increase


Overall, I originally did this because I was digging tunnels using the auger in Alpha 16.4 and I was getting annoyed at how often I had to refuel, and after a friend of mine asked me for the code changes I did, I wrote up the first tutorial, and now with Alpha 17 out, I decided to do a modlet of it since I am sure some others would like to have the larger fuel capacity.




Install to:

Local: Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\


Server: 7 Days to Die\Mods\



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