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Weapon parts using the mod system

Deceptive Pastry

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This mod puts weapon parts back into the game. Works a little differently than it did in A16. Guns require parts to function properly. Parts are installed the same way mods are and all guns have extra mod slots equal to the amount of parts needed. Higher quality parts give bonuses. The way it works is essentially I "broke" the gun items and parts have to be installed to "fix" them.


When a gun has no parts installed it is essentially just a "Receiver" and the weapon icon reflects that. It won't fire. If you try to fire with a magazine installed but no action or barrel, the gun will instantly break and have to be repaired. So don't do that. A weapon will work without a grip/stock but your accuracy will be horrible. I also decided to make it so the bonus damage you get from mods is split 50/50 between the gun (Receiver) quality and any installed mods (not parts). Same total bonus as a weapon with all mod slots filled, just makes progression a bit more spread out. Melee weapons also work the same way. If you have other modlets installed that give damage bonuses based on weapon quality this may interfere with them.


There are still "Full weapon" spawns in loot containers though rarer, but not too rare. Shotgun messiah boxes give mostly parts, while gun safes/hardened loot chests have a pretty good chance to give full weapons. I'm probably going to continue tweaking loot spawn rates and such.






Place "DPWeaponParts" folder in 7 Days To Die\Mods.



How the parts work:



The "Action" is the inner workings, the parts that cycle rounds, etc. Higher quality Actions increase fire rate and max durability. Installing an Action will also restore the item icon to the default gun icon, helps you know if a gun is devoid of parts.



Higher quality barrels increase max range, damage drop-off range, and slightly increase accuracy.



Higher quality magazines increase magazine size. Low quality magazines hold a bit less ammo than before, but high quality hold more ammo. Tried to go somewhat for realistic magazine sizes of corresponding weapons. 44. Magnum just increases reload speed.



Higher quality grips/stocks increase accuracy (more-so than barrels) and on some weapons reduce recoil.


Actions and Magazines scrap to a small amount of mechanical parts, barrels scrap to scrap iron, and grips/stocks scrap to wood or plastic depending on the weapon.



Known Issues:


- Parts don't degrade. I assume this is due to the fact that default mods don't have quality/durability, so there is no code to degrade an installed mod when using the weapon. Perhaps it's better this way.

- When you get a "Full weapon" loot spawn, it will spawn all parts to make the weapon and you have to assemble it. I can get parts to spawn pre-installed, but again there doesn't seem to be a way to get the quality probability templates to apply properly to pre-installed mods. This can result in things being a bit messy if you get multiple full weapon spawns in one container.

- These issues may require SDX to fix, but I kinda just wanted to see if I could do this solely through XML.

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I tried adding class="parts" and the correct recipes back in a while ago, didn't work. I thought maybe it was just a UI issue and the assemble button was removed but I didn't see anything missing in the XUI files relating to the assemble window that would do it. Looking through the XUi files and the Assembly-CSharp.dll it pretty much looked like they changed the existing assembly system around for mods instead of creating something new. I don't know for sure that the mod system completely overwrote/broke the assembly system but I couldn't figure out how to get it working again.


Edit: I was just poking around in Assembly-CSharp again. Seems the issue is with the crafting code. Old gun recipes used to use craft_area="assembly". Problem is it looks like they redid all the crafting recipe code, removed the code for putting together/breaking down items involving parts. GetFirstWeaponPartRecipe, breakDownPartBasedItem, etc. all gone.

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Yea, would be nice. I'm generally fine with how this turned out, just wish I could get guns to spawn with pre-installed parts at the proper quality probabilities. Too many Q5-6 parts spawn otherwise. Also would like to get the 1-600 quality + durability loss back but that's likely an SDX mod...Kind of beyond my current skill set and beyond my interest to learn atm. Going to release a couple more mods soon and keep an eye on this for feedback but otherwise going to play some other games for a bit lol.

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