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RWG Seed Preview Navigation


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When viewing a seed preview in a17 is there any way to navigate north & south? Transcribing this from memory so hopefully this is correct... But I deciphered the following:


A = pan west

D = pan east

W = zoom out

S = zoom in

Mouse drag = tilts & spins world and ruins everything...


So, how can I be zoomed in and pan North & south?




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Thanks all for the replies. However, I'm apparently not getting the same behavior as you. For me the W and CTRL give the exact same behavior as well as the S and SPACE. I still can't pan up/down. :(


@Jackelmyer - a compass would be a wonderful addition as well as some notes below the map about navigation. There's plenty of free space on the screen for it. Once you move around with the mouse it takes no time before I no longer know what's north. While they're at it... A button to just recenter everything would be very useful, also. And while we're solving all the world (map's) problems... Since maps are not fully generated why does it have to regenerate a map that has already been generated? Especially one that has active games on it.

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Zoom in closer to the ground, put your cursor on the map, hold down RMB move the mouse and see what happens.


After playing around a bit more tonight I got pretty good at flying around using W, SPACE, & RMB. That solved my real problem of not being able to navigate the map. However, there still doesn't appear to be a way to navigate using just keys and no mouse. And if I zoom all the way out and take a screenshot before I start flying around then I can pretty easily figure out where I'm at in the world w/o a compass. Definitely, would still love to see a compass added, though.

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