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Thoughts on A17, good and bad.


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Finally! We have A17 and it is definetly a step in the right direction.


But as stated by the devs themselves, it is by no means perfect. Which just brings me to a few things that has been a bit meh so far.


Now these meh's do not come in any specific order, but i'll number them anyways.


1. Actually fixing the spinning animals issue.

In A16 it was really frustrating with dogs in particular doing pirouettes constnatly. While they don't do that any longer, it still feels like it is not entierly fixed. It feels more like they are simply "unable" to spin as fast, but they still show similar behaviour.


2. Making weapon/tool quality important again.

If i am wrong, then please correct me. But so far as i understand it, the quality only affects the durability and nothing else.

I mean, this honestly is really bad because it basically means that i may as well run around with a quality 1 tool, i'll just have to repair it more often. This also affect every armor in the game, seeing as you will never need to use many of them, because you may as well just use quality 1 pieces of the "best" armor.


Yes, you can add mods to your tools and weapons now, and this raises things such as damage. But then it comes down to the fact that i can just apply the same mods to the regular bow instead of the compound bow.

The mods are a great addition, but what would be even greater is having meaningful quality levels on your stuff.


3. Still awful clothing overlays (+ and please make the leather duster more slim ;< )

This has been an issue of mine since way back. An example, you can wear a hoodie, but it completely screws over the helmet slot. It makes it unable for the helmet to be shown. There are many issues like this with combining different gears.


There is also still huge clipping issues with different gear. Some clipping can be cool, such as the iron gloves spikes sticking out of leather duster. But then it should only be the spikes, nothing else.


4. The stamina bar still jumps too much.


5. Zombies going rampage really isnt that bad.

When zombies can't reach you, they now start destroying stuff. Sometimes this can be annoying, and sometimes it means nothing, they might as well be spinning. Like, when i stand on top of a small pile of rubble that is 3 blocks high and they cant reach me. Some of the zombies start hitting the pile or rubble i stand on (at least until they for some reason stop), but a lot just goes to the pile right next to me and starts hitting that one instead? And that does not really pose any danger to me.


6. Debuff/buff timers going the wrong way?

I do not know if this is intentional or a bug, but it is really confusing anyways. Some effects have a countdown, and some has a timer. A simple fix to this would be to "remove" or hide the time on the ones where it counts upwards. I'm not interested in seeing how long ive had something coming on. It only confuses me. I only have a need for a countdown, because then i can plan and see how long it's left.


7. Walkspeed still too slow.

I mean i get it, the walk speed can't be too fast, because then there would be no use for running. But it just feels extremely slow. In situations where you have to be careful it's useful, but otherwise it is not.



Now to the good stuff.


1. Mods are really helpful!

The mods really do help, and they are a really nice reward to find. And it really just furthers ones unique style.


2. The stun and "coming on" debuffs.

The stun debuff is actually somewhat acceptable now, instead of just having a massive slowdown.

And the coming on debuff really adds a nice element of tension!


3. The zombies are better and the game difficulty climbs well.

The zombies have gotten a huge, much needed update. The ragdoll system is amazing, the sleeper system is really good now.

And the different versions of the zombies are also nice, it adds a bit of random feeling to it. It also goes hand in hand with the difficulty system. In the beginning there was no feral versions when looting, but the more i play the more and more i run into them!


4. Dungeons.

At first i was a bit worried that all the pois would have become dungeons more or less, luckily that isnt the case.

But the new ones that are dungeons are just really really well made and deserves a lot of praise.



One final thing that i wish from the funpimps now, is to just focus on making the game look better now intead of trying to add new stuff. New stuff is appriciated, but it feels like right now the focus should be more on polishing.

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