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Game difficulty question.


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I see lots of threads knocking the game difficult or lack thereof.


My questions is: What is your gamestage? I can not see the game being to easy if the horde difficulty is determined by your game stage. I was not even trying and had a gamestage of over 1800 by day 100.


In alpha 16.7(8b) I had a game set to the easiest level possible. But once my game stage reached upwards of 2000 the horde nights lasted clear till 4 am. Even with the easiest settings the game offered I was getting lots of farrell, radiated and radiated farrells zombies. The only reason I survived was I had 4 layers of defence around my base before I had to actually fight the zombies. Mostly only the radiat and ferralls managed to get through all 4 layers of the defensive works.

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