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Increase # of zombies and reduced respawn delay


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I made this modlet for personal use cause i have very high daynight time and the game feels empty very fast


It does 2 simple things as the thread title says.


Increase the max zombies and enemy animals by 1 and reduce the respawn delay from 4 days in vanilla for zombies to 1(i was thinking 0.2 but its overkill).


Also reduce the respawn of enemyanimals to 2 (7 in vanilla) ingame days.


Here is the modlet


If you combine it with Khelldon's extra zombies things get out of hand very fast :)


edit: Khelldon have change his zombie groups so i made another modlet that have the same result :)


edit 2: the 1st link increase the vanilla zombies spawns by 1 and the 2nd by 5.

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