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Using 100% GPU when playing.


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Hi all.


With version A17 I have seen that GPU consumption has skyrocketed to 100% when I play.


I have spoken with some friends, and the same thing happens to them, it happens playing single player or multiplayer.


And it happens with several different computers and graphics:


RX 580 8GB

GTX 1060 6GB

R9 390 8GB


We have already tried verifying the files, updating the drivers and staying the same.


I am addicted to the game, and having the new graphic 100% is going to kill me in a very short time.


It's going to be more dangerous for the graphics to play this game than to put them to mine bitcoins.



Excuse me if you do not understand well, I do not speak English and I'm using the google translator.

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Using your hardware to 100% isn't a big deal so long as your case is vented properly and your hardware doesn't get excessively hot. It also means the bottleneck is the graphics card instead of the CPU, or your GPU is taking up some of the slack of the CPU to balance the equation. I don't know... but either way, it's not going to kill your hardware. You can run your hardware at 100% for 10 years and still not kill it... the only things that kill hardware is poor power management and/or heat, and of course physical damage, whether it be during manufacturing or mishandling it. The reason why bit mining is so hard on the hardware isn't because it runs at 100%, it's because they usually have several pieces of hardware running at 100% turning the entire room into a sauna... creating serious heat to the hardware.

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True, and I thank that I have the graphics well cooled, but even so, something is wrong when the game even on the home screen, consumes 60% of GPU.


If only my case, it would be clear that it is a problem of mine, but it happens to several more with completely different equipment.

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No, I had several issues when upgrading which were resolved by removing the old registry entries. Now I have zero issues. The registry entries should be stored per user unless you're running Windows 95 style (as an admin) in which case I am not sure. On a normal system (XP or newer, normal user account) the settings are in the following location.


HKCU/Software/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die


Erasing that key will not negatively affect you or your system. It resets everything to defaults. Even when uninstalling A16 and installing A17 fresh, these registry entries are NOT erased. This is why I had to manually remove them, then start A17 and all was good.


Also, I run a pair of GTX 1070's in SLI. 7 Days only uses one since Unity is living it up in 1995 and not supporting AFR/SLI. I rarely see maxed out GPU usage. Not saying it doesn't happen, but I am only one notch above you (1070 vs 1060) and if yours stays pegged out I would find it suspect. I play in 256x1440@144Hz.

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