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New achievements in the future?


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Are there any plans to add newer achievements to the game in a later update or when the game goes gold? I'm just curious since some of the old ones are no longer obtainable since the wellness system is gone (I have all achievements already anyway). I was thinking maybe newer ones could focus on new aspects of the game. For example,


Dungeon Crawler - Complete 25 clear quests alone or in a group


Dungeon Maniac - Complete 100 clear quests alone or in a group


Dungeon Master - Complete 500 clear quests alone or in a group


Rock Lord - Clear 50 surface boulders


Some Kinda Wizard? - Using an electric fence stun and kill 1000 zombies


Master of All - Have all skills completely maxed out


Dog Whisperer - Kill 100 Dogs


Wolf Tamer - Kill 100 Wolves


Dire Straits - Kill 50 Dire Wolves


Bear Grills - Kill 50 Bears


Electrician - Place your first working generator and power something


He did what? - Build your first Gyrocopter


Ewww, It's Leaking! - Kill 1000 irradiated enemies


Why'd He Bite Back? - Kill 1000 feral zombies


Cyclist - Build your first Bicycle


Motorist - Build your first Minibike


Mean Machine - Build your first motorcycle


The Little Human Who Could - Build your first 4x4


Pew Pew! - Fully mod a Q6 weapon


The Mining Craze - Clear 10,000 blocks of Stone


The Sledge - With a Sledge Hammer knock down 6 or more enemies


Machete Kills - Kill 100 enemies using a Machete


The numbers here can be altered (obviously) and are just examples that I could think of, if anyone has any ideas post them below! I only ask about achievements because I love collecting them, and honestly I think these are too easy and the numbers should be pumped up!

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