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[Added Discussion] Levelgates solution


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xp multiplication is stupid and should only be a max of 25% at 4 players, otherwise progression and leveling will always be unbalanced for either solo or groupplayers.



Well I have said plenty about levelgates.

Now I will give you a solution I feel is MAYBE one of the best (although it would ruin the "get more questrewards" but you could fix that by giving more dukes and a random added reward instead)



*insert all the reasons why levelgates are NOT good*


*insert comments of people who like slower progression*


*gives them a solution without LEVEL gates that still slows progression naturally*



Change traderquests/rewards:

make every quest give you the itemreward beforehand (or if possible choosable based on pricerange).

Trader quests have tiers.

So as far as I know, those tiers make the quests harder.

What about if you make more higher tier quests that are insanely hard (with previous warnings like "ferals have been spotted and even green glowing ones! if you accept this quest, be sure to be prepared!")


And now gate certain recipes (forge, vehicles, cooking recipes, higher building materials (make scrap iron, stone blocks and steel books again) and more stuff that you can think off (mods, weaponrecipes and so on).


Now add those recipes to rng loottables (very very low chance) and you have a WAY more natural progression.

Traders are now important (not just fun) as they can garantuee you stuff you want.

You still have the chance to find recipes on day 1 (the lucky find was always something awesome, even if I couldn#t craft the minibike until 10 days later)


This means that progression is no longer based only on level, but also on exploration and a bit of luck and preparation.

So if you happen to find an ak with 60 bullets on day 5 and you save them until you get that one tier 5 traderquest with that recipe that you really need, you can have steel on day 18, but you might die on hordenight if you don't use the ak then (if you don't cheese it :D)


This is a choice. You have done quite a few quests (which should be decoupled from gamestage, but give a warning if your gamestage/level is lower than recommended. (tier 1 clear lvl 5+; tier 1 digging lvl 1+; tier 4 clear lvl 25+...)

But you can also get lucky and find that cooking recipe that you wanted by chance, giving you that "YESSS!! Looting the 500th garbage container was totally worth it!" feeling.


I can not see ANY reason how anyone can dislike this when compared with levelrequirements.

It gates the important stuff by progression rather than level.

If I (who always played on insane with less loot) were to play on scavenger and have all the stuff I need on day 10 to face down 4 irradiated cops, I am far enough to get my steel, WITHOUT needing to play another 30 days without it.


This is how every game should be gated. By progression, not by level.



If I have found 10k gold in skyrim and instead of buying a house and better equiptment and put everything into 1h, I can have the highest 1h skill at level 10. I put my ressources into it and should be allowed to get a reward for that.

I might have been stronger with enchanted ebony equipment rather that that, but it is MY choice.

I don't have to wait until I'm level 50 to get that perk.

It flows more freely while still beeing somewhat "gated" by progression.

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