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A Few Thoughts while playing Alpha 17 and new ideas for the game as a whole!


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More Colors needed


Food and Drink should stack - instead of waiting until the % stops moving to eat or drink again, just have it stack.


Maps with a "No Radiation" option. I have run in to in RWG open areas of radiation and would like to just turn these off, expand the cities!


Stack the "Can Water". Bottles stack to 15, Bottled Water stacks to 15, heck Murkey Water stacks to 500! Tin Cans stack, let the "Can Water" stack!


Right Click or Shift Right Click to repair item in hand - Stone Axe is in hand just shift right click if you have stone and "Boom" it is repaired. Same with other items/weapons. Saves going in to the back pack to repair.


Convert KM to Miles option - We have it for temperature why not distance!


This one was Epic - Black and White option for 7 Days to Die! What's better than an old black and white tv showing your favorite scary movies!


Alpha 17 thoughts:


At first the vultures sucked! But got the hang of it! - Whew!


Food/Drink was a bit of a change - Simple you find food and drink use them - keeps your stamina up!


Colors don't work on the Bicycle - Sad face!


Roads are Jacked up in RWG - possible known issue im sure!


Yellow loot bags dropped on horde night need to last longer, got a 32 Z' horde and could not get to some of them.


Switch from weapon to bandage time should be faster, darn dogs are just so persistent!


Found a rounded corner brick block on the Post Office POI "Mail" on the front - will not upgrade to concrete.


There is no 1920 x 1200 video option - Was this removed?!?



Just some random thoughts and ideas for the Pimps to consider. Hope this is seen!

Thanks for the over 3,000 hours of enjoyment guys. Game is great and like most can't get enough! Keep up the good work!



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