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What are you playing right now?


What are you playing right now?  

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  1. 1. What are you playing right now?

    • Alpha 17 Vanilla
    • Alpha 17 Modded
    • Alpha 16 Vanilla
    • Alpha 16 Modded

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I’m playing Alpha 17 modded because I was curious about equalizing the xp gain from all sources and I couldn’t wait any longer for Gazz. I reduced all normal zombies to 10 xp and strong zombies to 30xp. All Ferals to 100 xp and all regens to 200 xp. Then I lowered the xp required to level up to 1200.


So far it has felt great and any feeling of needing to kill zombies to level up has evaporated. It would take a lot more fine tuning to get it perfect but as a simple test it has shown me that all I really need to be perfectly happy with this build is to make all pathways to leveling up equally viable.

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Pathfinder Adventures and The Long dark are what I'm playing so I didnt vote.


I will be trying A17 again down the road once whatever major changes happen (*if any) but I just dont enjoy a17 at all and 16 would have been a good foundation to build upon but as is I dont really see myself going back to that either.

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We are still playing with level Gates removed, and a tiered point system to buy higher perks. We also increased the zombie spawns by 10x in biomes, which you would think would allow us to farm zombies, however we are spending far too much time running away. :-)


We also require nails in frames, nuts and bolts for scrap, and additional materials needed for all blocks, so base building is not really yet an option.


So far we have gone through two big poi's that have been utterly destroyed on the two horde nights.


The torches are throwable and only last about a minute, however you can pick up and place POI lights.


Because random gen kind of blows right now, there are not a lot of houses, just large commercial buildings in the towns.


We did edit the mixer and added a few custom poi's for better random biome distribution


Wave 4 zombie spawns in the blood moons were added back in; this is the a17 version of my blood Moon trickle mod.


The net result is a hellaciously insane scary start, where you are too busy running from the 40 zombies per person in your immediate area to even get your stone axe started. However, we are now on day 18 or so and are finding that the zombies in biomes are now farmable, so I will probably increase their speed at higher game stages.


Each of our players has a specialty, and it works great as a team. Although I do find my melee specialization useless in hordes, so will probably find a way to make that more useful.


I am currently level 65 with a 158 game stage, have 8 strength, 1 death, and have killed 449 zombies.


We only have one person doing the intelligence tree, and it works out well. Doombringer101 is are Eugene with an Int of 10. :-)


Stompy has the lead with 603 kills.


We have welcomed one new member to our group. Exxodous.


- - - Updated - - -


I will be looking into adding dusts 4k high quality texture and lighting pack, as if not only looks beautiful, but has been reported to perform better than vanilla.

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Its a small mod

* Raise the chance for coffee in vending machines

* Trader reset every day

* Glue value of sand and gravel = 5 = No more one block broad tunnel deathtraps

* Add 20 Skillpoints to the bedroll quest

* Raise the costs for attributes (by 10 per attribute) = 50 Points less in the end

Sadly i found no way to make it the way i really wanted it with a midgame gate by 20 Skillpoints from Ability Level 6 to 7

This was the last games


This moment i try a run with a normal start BUT full decent (endgame) equipment in a world without loot by only building a base and make one quest each day.


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Modded A17 here, Ui mod, and a mod to half the inv encumbrance pentalty, thinking of one to lower the movement speed penalty on armor, as I dispise being slowed down by stuff more than anything else in games.


Otherwise playing Earth Defence Force 5 on my ps4 off and on as well.

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Currently mostly playing Ark and Destiny 2 because that’s what my friends want to play while we’re all off for the holidays.


I’ve played a bit of A17 with the annoying death penalty removed and a couple of small UI mods (mostly wanting hunger, thirst, and both temps on the main UI). I’ll get back to my game again later this week.

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A17 modded, when I work up some interest. Damn. That sounds bitchy. But that's as simple & honest as I can put it.


Tweaked Stamina\Food knobs, running, Stone Axe, Iron yield from main Stone block, that kind of thing. Need to majorly up sand yield for desert blocks since I need to make a sand run. But also need to figure out something other than just putting on the Dev poncho to allow for short desert trips. Yucca doesn't cool, hopping in river doesn't cool, etc. Guess I could try a zig-zag 'mine' w a couple blocks overhead, but last time I did, in exp, the 'Sheltered' effect wasn't working.

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A17, slightly modded.

Reduced max stamina loss so i don't need to eat that often. From 0.0082 to 0.0022.


Put ferals to walk during daytime. Nightime all zombies, save for crawlers, sprint.

One of the best options tfp added this alpha.


Custom rwg generator, to get a map more like the first experimentals.


Doubled gyrocopter max speed, quarter fuel consumption.

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A17 ins enjoyable up to levels 60-ish, but that you hit the wall - zombies in POIs all turn feral and radiated and you have no way to get extra skills or equipment/mods to match that "godly" level of zombies. Once you get 7 ferals on you there is no way you get them. Ofc I tried barbed wires and traps but they just push eachother through on you. Power attacks on downed enemies doesn't do nothing, maybe you kill 1 of those 6 if lucky. Melee is useless, bow to slow - only option would be just guns mayhem. ( yes 4 points in Heavy metal, with Rad remover and you practically can't kill them ).


What I m trying to say that at those levels 7d2d becomes 7d2d more of a shooter shooter than 7d2d what it was in a16. I ll wait now to see what brings A17.1... and than decide if I ll remain around. I like survival and building and play vs zombies...

Dying light style is fun for a week and than you get tired of hack and slash(shoot) and move on. Versatility of 7d2d gets compacted to only shooter game now. Maybe I m too old and zombie to me is what Romero made them, Resident Evil and alike. I dont mind a "boss here and there but once almost everything turns into run and gun I loose my interest.

So there should be another option in the poll with a questions Are you still playing or Moving on.

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