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Not-A-Gamer Gaming - YouTube Channel


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Hi all,


My wife has started a YouTube channel featuring 7D2D gameplay content, in a light cinematic style inspired in part by the Neebs Gaming style of videos.


The channel is called "Not-A-Gamer Gaming"; my wife is not "a gamer", where it's more of a passing interest and doesn't take it all that seriously. I, however, do take it more seriously and my frustration adapting to her playstyle is the source of much frustration, and as it turns out, entertainment. This is the basis for our channel.


Feel free to check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC2qegNTTL3b6StZSxxQ2Ug


Her style of editing has evolved over the last few weeks, and I dare say my wife's editing is getting better every week. We try to put out something every 2-3 days, so we hope to draw an audience that will keep her motivated to keep making more for a long time to come :) We have heard great feedback so far, and I hope some of you may enjoy what we have created together.


Here is a trailer to see what we're all about: (This was actually my first edit! My wife usually does it all)



.. and here is the latest entry into our series for your convenience:




If you enjoy this, and/or any other videos in her channel, please like and subscribe!

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