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How do I add SimpleUI mod to a remote dedicated server?


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Seeing the capture you have put in theory is fine there. You only need to restart the server to recognize the mod.


If you are going to have it public, I would recommend that you install at least the following mods:


1؛- Improvements for the dedicated server (Alloc)

- It will allow you to have an online map, and several commands that you will use.


2؛- Bad Company Manager (StompyNZ)

- This will allow you to use useful commands, such as import / export buildings, remove buffs, edit skills, and many more.


Whenever you install a mod, you must restart the server.


I recommend that you install one by one, so, if one gives problems you will know that it was the last one and you should only erase that one.


Sorry if you do not understand me well, I do not speak English and I'm using the google translator.

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