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Starting Modifiers for stone tools and clothing


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(I need a mod to rename the title)


Starting Modifiers For Tools / Clothing



This modlet provides entry level, craftable modifiers into the game.

These items are for when you create a new world, and want a little bit of a less strain for the beginning.

I did my best to keep it balanced as best as I can.



Scrap Iron Axe Head/Scrap Iron Shovel Head Modifier:

Getting to the forge is now more time consuming, and that's okay. But what happens before then?

If you can make a iron club bat with scrap iron, then why not be able to modify your stone tools with a bit of scrap upgrades?

With this modifier you can do just that! By having some scrap iron (15), and some grass fibers (5), you can create a "kit" that can "change" the head of the stone tool into a scrap iron version of itself. Giving it an upgrade in block breaking!

But it comes at a few costs. First being stanima, the tools are a little heavier, so it costs a bit of stamina to swing around the new modified scrap iron tools. It also has a bit weaker degradation, so it will need to be repaired a bit more. (still requires stone though, idk how to change that. :upset:) But! In return, you will notice your stone tools break blocks a bit more efficently.




So you're in the wasteland, and you're running around with basically grass shoes? How about making the insoles a bit softer for your feet, and a bit more safe to walk on the ground?

with just a little bit of leather (2), some cloth (2), and some cotton plants (4), you can add insoles to your shoes, giving you nice bonuses!

You will notice you can walk and run a little bit faster. These insoles to help your feet with that.

That's not all! When you crouch, you can regen stanima just a little bit faster. (best to stand still crouching.)




Do you hate being in the cold and you just can't find clothing to help keep you warm? With this 'logical' attachment to your clothing, just by having some cloth (10), and some cotton for insulation (12), you can wrap the modifier around your clothing to get a small boost resistance to the cold weather! But it is highly not recommended to wear this modifier in hot weather locations. Because you're wearing lots of cotton, and that retains heat. (+resistance to cold but -resistance to heat balance)


Tool Handle Grip: (New! v1.1)

Holding on a tool by the handle can be tough on your hands after a while. Why not add a softer leathery grip to it? With this modifier, stamina loss is slightly reduced when using the tools, and a tiny boost to block breaking. Nothing too great but it helps.





Cooked Canned Foods


My second mod, pretty small tweak, but the general idea is this.

Uncooked canned foods can be possibly dangerous, food poisoning and all. But that can be resolved by cooking the canned foods!

By cooking your canned goods, there will be a higher increase of food replinishment, slight water replenishment, and removal of food poisoning chances.

"Why don't I need water jars to cook with the foods?" Most canned foods have a form of water inside them already. Not by much, but it's there.




Starting tool modifiers: v1.1: Updates to the code, few bug fixes, better icons, tool handle modifier added.

Cooked Canned Foods: v1.1: Fixed a bug where the user wouldn't get replenished hunger when canned foods was eaten.



Download Links:


Starting tools/clothing modifiers: (v1.1) Media Fire Link

Cooked Canned Foods: (v1.1) Media fire Link

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The food isn't working. To get them to work, I added the following code at the end of the effect group of each food and they started working.


		<triggered_effect trigger="onSelfPrimaryActionEnd" action="AddBuff" target="self" buff="buffProcessConsumables"/>

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Thank you for that! I was wondering why it wasn't working. I thought that line of code meant something else when I made the mod. There is now a patched version of the mod with the included code with the items.


You're welcome. From ProcessConsumables I was wondering if that would cause the food eaten to heal and such. Plus the food did technically work, I just had to eat something else from Vanilla to get them to activate. Adding that line got the food working so I thought I would tell you so you could fix the mod for everyone.


Have a Happy New Year.

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