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a large storage bag that we carry in both hands


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So inventory is an annoying thing in a17. You have encumbrance that has to be unlocked for more storage space. You have no choice in the matter, maybe if you spend these points or build a car or bike, it sorta works as a separate choice? Or if RNGesus gives you an armor mod and you have armor you can take it, then you get more inventory space, but nothing as good as the perks.


I propose a large craftable storage bag, that can be placed anywhere, but when picked up prevents the use of tools and weapons until it is dropped again. You can not carry it on the bike or minibike, but it can be carried on the motorcycle and 4x4 if a proper mod slot is installed on those vehicles.


If bandits are ever implemented, then this would be something they would be attracted to, and would try to steal.

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