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Asphalt and beds BUFFS


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I made a small modlet that changes the walking and running speed (1.3 and 1.2 from 1) on asphalt but with buffs that work only for the player.


Also i added a bedroll/bed/big bed health regen and max health regen slowly again with buffs.


It is my 1st attempt on buffs.xml in A17 so fell free to correct me and report any bugs.


Here is the modlet

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the vehicles do not require a buff cause zombies and animals do not drive them(i guess)....i'll look at it but no promises.

If someone else is working on it fell free to add my code in your modlet if you want.


There are other modlets that increase the vehicle speed overall but not one that alters speed depending on the terrain, this sounds interesting if it could done but may be quite a bit of work to port to vehicles although with xpath xml it may now be feasable.

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