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Prefabs just pop up


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Hey there... i got a problem with the Prefabs i added in a17



When your further away it looks like this



(look at the hill in the Background)


Moving closer, the hill in the background disappears and the building builds up more and more





i knew this problem when i destroyed the hospital in A16 and builded my own building there.... further away you still could see the hospital and when youre moving closer it disappeared and my building showed up.


Is there a way to avoid this problem? Except of placing the prefab on a plane area which is pretty hard because there are 3 big buildings which belong together.

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Hmmm....Even the whole building just disappears just about 30 or 40 blocks infront of me... which didnt happened in a16. I think its because i inserted it as a prefab and didnt build it myself.


Its pretty ♥♥♥♥ to be 20m infront of the building and it just pops up, but a city and its buildings i can see from the far distance...

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