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Future additional weapons


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This is my first time so I'm not sure where to post this. Hopefully the community can help get it where it should be. (this whole forum is pretty confusing). ANYWAY!


I wanted to ask the devs if they have any new weapons on the way. With the new perk system in place, I noticed the perk "Deep Cuts". I feel like at this time there's no good reason to invest in such a perk when there are really only 3 bladed weapons in game. (Hunting Knife, Fire Axe, and Machete) How cool would it be to find a Katana or Throwing knives? (longer blades = safer distance to kill) Couple those with the new "Hidden Strike" and "From the Shadows" perks and you have a new dynamic way of playing the game. A zombie NINJA.

Same can be said for the "Heavy Metal" perk. The only heavy melee weapon in game is the sledgehammer. I know the devs know this already. I assume they are laying a foundation for future weapons. long story short:


TLDR: Are more weapons to be expected in the future? Have the devs mentioned this before?

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