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12h Running Days, 12 h walking nights on default.

Royal Deluxe

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Dear diary: Today i woke up on a street, like every morning after a mental blackout i made me a bedroll, stone axe, Fiber clothes and more. Then soon during i still tried to figure out where my home is some strange neigbors attacked me. One at 9:30 i culd easyly defend, but the one at 10:01 suddenly run like a Olympia star. I thought for a moment i hide on a roof but i was soo hungry and thirsty. I was able to defendd the 10:01 guy, but sadly the 10:05 guy killed me.....



....wait i am dead ?

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After dying too often i choose to make it different


"Dear diary today i woke up somehwhere in the wasteland. I dont know the area, but to my luck i have all my stuff with me, looks like there was a army of looters before me here, i needed to open 5 Birdnests to find 2 Featers"

I hope i can find a way home, lets see if the trader still exists i found a advertisement





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rofl died a few seconds ago.

Means this 12/12 mode killed me in 2-4 hours more often than the last 2000 Hours A16 on insane and nearly 600 Hours A17 on Easy and default.



The joke is menace that (and i have no idea why) i allready meet in the last half hours a zombiebear and at least 3 Fearals.

And somehow they are completly unpredictable for me in this mode

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