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Dedicated Server - Time Issue - Possible Bug?


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Had the minutes in a day set to 180 (3 hours irl to one game day)


Stopped the server and changed the setting in the serverconfig xml to 1200.


Restarted server and the game time at the top says 1day 0hours.


Used the command settime to set it to day2 2hrs.


From steam info for the server it's at day 2/ 2 hours now but it's not advancing when the game is running. Logged on as player I'm still seeing day 1, 0 hours.


I since changed the minutes in a day down to 600 (6 hours irl per one game day) - restarted server, still the time is not advancing....


Any way to kickstart this without making a whole world instance?


Thanks guys! :)

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