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How to Edit Gather rates for A17


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So I am wondering how to edit 1 object and that is the stone boulders you see out in the world to harvest. I've already changed the rates for trees, coal, dirt, clay, etc.... I cannot for the life of me, find where the stone/rock is. I've scrolled through the entire blocks.xml with my mouse wheel, didn't find anything that remotely looked like it would be it.


I have looked and looked, but with alpha 17 being so new, didn't know if anyone had found this yet. Like I said, I have edited the .xml tables already for the rest of the assets on the map, just can't find this one.


If a dev sees this, can you help? Tell me where the harvest string is or what the asset ID/block name is?


I thought that <block name="terrStone"> was what I was looking for but that didn't change anything.


P.S. I did this just fine on A16.4, but it looks like the naming convention is different now. so..... please help.

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Pretty sure it's <block name="rockResource">. Modify the drop event="Harvest" lines.


So now, when I edited the item, I go into the game and I hit a rock node, I get what I wanted, but I'm getting massive amounts of XP and I don't want that, is that scaled to the amount of rock I get? Or is there a modifier somewhere I'm not seeing?

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