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Run in day, Walk at night. Lots of fun.


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Been trying it with Run in the day and Walk at night (Run, not Sprint, though I kept the Ferals and Blood Moon as Sprint)


It's so far been very fun. The running in the day is not unmanageable since they are still not very fast, but they can get you in tight spots much easier, making it much more dangerous.


At night they only walk, but my gamma is low enough that darkness gives them the edge.


It's just been nice being able to leave my base at all times with a real, but manageable danger at both times. It's like playing two different game modes instead of just loot in the day, hide at night. It also means I can have night last longer.


You also get to fully experience both atmospheres

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I agree that the mode you described is fun. However, sprint is still slower than player run speed so going out at night has always been viable :)


dealing with them at night, especially near the start of a game always felt too much a hassle though, became a game of just run away cause you cant see them well or hit them well

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