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[Question] onSelfWalk, onSelfRun


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From the bottom of buffs.xml:


onSelfWalk, //triggers once on starting to walk


For effects that continue while you are running, I've considered experimenting with adding a buff on onSelfRun then having the buff remove itself with onSelfWalk. I don't know yet if going from running > walking triggers onSelfWalk, or if letting go of both shift and W at the same time will bypass onSelfWalk and leave the buff still going. Kinda wish they had start/stop triggers like on swimming.

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Just posting my findings for anyone who stumbles onto this thread...


- Going from running > walking does not trigger onSelfWalk. It only triggers once you stop moving and begin walking again.

- onSelfStand only triggers when standing up from crouched as expected.


If you want an effect that only occurs while running you could use passive_effect with tags="running". But if you need to use triggered_effects involving running/walking that switch back when you stop, don't think there's any real good way to do that unless they introduce some sort of stop trigger.

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