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Assigned skills are not being retained?????


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So we are running our dedicated server with the latest build of 7DTD (Alpha 17 B240) and the day that my wife FINALLY decides to join and play then every damn time she starts the game (because the game crashed) then she has to re-assign her skill points??? I have not encountered this problem but if anyone can shed any light that would be appreciated.


I have already restarted the server multiple times, and even created her a new profile and still the problem persists.



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Just an update and FYI, the player that is affected apparently everything is being reset EACH time they play.


So if they allied with other players before in the previous session then they no longer have, had access to secure chests are now locked, had placed items in their inventory is now missing, and had assigned various skills are now no longer mapped and they get to map their skill points AGAIN.


I had deleted their profile from the server and had them create a new profile in hoping it would fix the issue but the issue still exists.


I would really appreciate a response and if the FP or anyone has any suggestions as this player is about to drop.


Thank you

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